I’m Frank Bridwell, also known as Woody, a namesake proudly passed down to me by my Dad, Woodrow, aka "Woody." Another thing my Dad, and his dad, passed down to me was the love of making knives. I’d like to say THANKS for visiting the Woody Shop and taking the time to look at our knives and learn about their history.



At age 27 Augustus Bridwell starts a prominent bladesmithing shop on the banks of the Enoree river in rural Greenville County, South Carolina. Soon Augustus passes on his passion for edged tools to his son, Woodrow, my father, and the original Woody of Woody Knives. Woodrow, in turn, inspires in me, Frank Bridwell, that passion. Most folks call me Woody, too, I'm proud to say, and the love of making knives continues in the great grandson and namesake of Augustus, my son, Gus.

Ol’ Woody always said “a good knife is worth a day’s pay.” It is in that spirit with our traditional one-of-a kind Woody Handmade knives, and our more innovative EPOCH line, that we set as our northern stars the principles that inspired our forefathers: craftsmanship, fit, finish, form and function. As a result you can always count on a great knife at a great value. Simply put, we just want to design and produce knives that Ol’ Woody would be proud to carry. A knife you will treasure for a lifetime and with a sense of pride someday pass on to posterity.